New WHD Exclusive Facebook Group

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New WHD Exclusive Facebook Group!

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White Horse Domains now has a Facebook Group exclusively for WHD customers.  This group is for our customers to ask & answer question, share tips & tricks, and also participate in our monthly challenges.  If you are a WHD customer, come on over and join us.  If you are not a customer yet, we are sorry, but you will have to miss out on the fun for now.

The name of our group is “WHD Customer Community,” you will find that our group is exactly what the name implies.  We have created this group to connect WHD customers with each other.  There is really nothing better than having a community of likeminded people available to you.  We can all come together to talk about our challenges in running our websites and what we have learned to get our web development process more streamlined.  This group is a great resource for any of our customers who run their own website and want to have a great place to ask questions and learn some tip & tricks.  We can ask, answer and learn together!

If you have tips & tricks we want to hear them!  This group is kind of like having a coffee meeting with a lot of people who are doing similar things as you are.  Maybe our fields of work are totally different, but we are all connect by running our own websites.  We all have run into challenges and struggles along the way.  Let’s share what we know, help each other out and ultimately be a great resource and sounding board for each other as we run, improve, and grow our websites.

One of the exciting aspects of our group is our monthly challenges!  How this will work – WHD will put out a challenge for each month.  You can choose to participate in as many or as few as you like.  Depending on the month and the challenge posted the winners will be chosen by random drawing or the number of “likes” your project gets. If you win, you will be featured as our customer of the month on our website, blog, Facebook Community, and also in our newsletter!  Who would want to pass that kind of promotion up?  By participating in the challenges you will be able to learn new things or maybe improve on things you already knew, and hopefully make changes for the better on different areas of your website.  We will have options to discuss each months challenges and learn from each other as we implement different techniques and ideas.

If you haven’t already, come on over and join us at WHD Customer Community!

Share Your Thoughts with a .BLOG Domain

Bloggers domains from White Horse Domains

Share Your Thought with a .BLOG Domain

Mommy bloggers, fashion blogger, fitness bloggers.  Foodies with recipes, crafters with glitter, and businesses sharing updates about their products.  The internet is full of bloggers with content to share.  So how do you set your blog apart?  How about starting your blog with a .BLOG domain from White Horse Domains?

Businesses can share updates at

Designers can give everyone an insight into their thought process at

Communities can spotlight people making a difference with

Or set up your own blog to share you own, unique voice!  Everyone will know what to expect when they pull up your site at!

Find your blog name now!

New Domains for November!

New domains for your online store on White Horse Domains

New Domains for November!



Maybe video is more your style.  You might be a vlogger or video producer.  Maybe you just need a site to share how-to-videos featuring your products.  You can create a site for all your videos with this new domain:


Other domain names that work well for online stores are:






















We Have a Facebook Page!

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We have a Facebook Page!

White Horse Domains is now on Facebook! Like our page to learn about new domain extension and product changes. We’ll also share tips on how to get the most out of our products. Learn things like how to start a website, how to keep your email newsletters CAN-SPAM compliant, how to protect everyone’s privacy when posting pictures…and more! If you want to find ways to improve your blog or business’s web presence, this is the place to look! Is there something you really want to learn about? Does your website have you stumped? Send us a message and we’ll try to include some information in future Facebook posts!

What Does That Little Padlock Really Mean?

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What Does That Little Padlock Really Mean?

That little padlock in our browser bar–we’ve all seen it while shopping online and have been warned by our banks to look for it.  But what does that little padlock really mean?  Most people will tell you it means the website is “secure”.  But what does that mean?  Secure? 

That little padlock indicates the presence of an SSL Certificate.  Other ways this may be indicated are the change from http:// to https:// or a green browser bar.  An SSL Certificate serves two purposes:

  1. Validate the authenticity of a website
  2. Encrypt data as it flows to and from your website

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New Domains for August!

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New Domains for August!

A new set of domains has been released for August 2016 that will be of special interest to small business owners!  Maybe your business is just getting started creating a web presence, or maybe you’re looking to expand!  Why not go with an extension that gives your domain name a little something special?







 For our German friends, we are now offering .jetzt and .gmbh!

Sharing Photos Online

Sharing Photos post for Blog on White Horse Domains

Sharing Photos Online

Photographs and video are a great way to add a personal touch to your website.  Whether you want to recap an exciting event or just share how you see the world around you, photographs and videos make a very visual point.  However, just like anything else, there are some guidelines you should follow to keep yourself and those around you safe.
  • Always get permission before sharing someone’s photo online.  Not everyone likes to have their picture on display for various reasons.  With some people it’s a matter of preference, but for some people it really is a matter of safety.
  • Use extra care when using pictures of minors.  There are several things to consider before using a child’s picture online.
    1. Would parents be okay with me using this picture on my website?  Don’t just guess.  Actually ask!
    2. When this child is a teenager, or even an adult, will they be upset that I shared this picture?
    3. Your child is a precious gift given to you.  How much of your child are you willing to share and what would you rather keep for yourself?
    4. American Baby Magazine shares their own ideas on “Five Things a Mom Should Never Post Online”.
  • Remember, you don’t know who is on the other side of your webpage.  It is very easy to copy and paste a picture into a folder for personal use.  Is this a picture you would be okay with showing up as someone else’s meme on Facebook® or Pinterest®?
  • Check the background of your pictures.  Does it show people your address, work, or other personal information?  Look at the clothes people are wearing.  Does it have the name of your child’s school or daycare?  Be very cautious of sports jerseys because they not only display the name of the team, but often a person’s last name!
  • Be careful using pictures from your phone.  Your smartphone is always on hand when you need it and easily allows you to upload to sites like Facebook® and Instagram®, but also stores the GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken. This video from ABC’s Channel 7 News in New York shows how easily those coordinates can be used to track you.  To prevent this, turn the GPS function off on your phone when taking pictures.